Energy Healing for Animals

Energy healing techniques can help reduce stress in animals, and can help the animal’s natural healing process. I use a combination of Reiki and Energy EFT to help household pets, as well as dogs and cats in animal sanctuaries.

I usually spend up to an hour working with the animal, doing several short rounds of healing. I work with animals through both distance healing and home visits. There is no need for me to physically touch an animal during healing session – I can send distance healing using a photograph, or I can direct the energy while standing near to the animal.

Several sessions may be needed, particularly if the problem is deep-rooted.

Distance Healing

This is a good way of working with animals who are stressed around strangers, or if you live too far away for a home visit. Distance healing is just as effective as when the healer is physically present with the animal. I use a photograph of the animal to connect with them and send healing.

We will have an initial telephone consultation so I can find out about the animal and the problem. I will advise you of the time scheduled for each distance healing session, then we will discuss the session afterwards by telephone or Skype.

Home Visits

Where possible, I prefer to work with animals in their normal surroundings, where they should be more comfortable.

A human member of the family will need to be present during the healing sessions, please.

Important note

Reiki and Energy EFT are not substitutes for veterinary services. If your pet needs the help of a veterinary surgeon, please arrange that help. Reiki healing can be done alongside veterinary treatment.