Learn Reiki

Learning Reiki will enable you to do self-healing, as well as healing others. Daily practise of Reiki on yourself helps to improve relaxation and reduce stress. Some people learn Reiki to help with their spiritual growth.

Many people who learn Reiki I like to use Reiki on friends and family, and some decide to study further levels so they can work with the general public.

Each class comes with a professionally-printed manual and one or more CDs. The manual and CDs will be sent to you after you book the class and pay your deposit, giving you time to study them in detail. On the day of the class we will review the manual and CDs and discuss your questions, but most of the day will be spent on the Reiki Attunements/Empowerments and the practical exercises. This will give you a deeper understanding of all the information provided, as well as a lot of practical experience working with the techniques.

On completion of the class, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have received the information and Empowerments, and have satisfied the requirements of the relevant degree.

My class-sizes are usually small, maximum four people, so I can give full attention to everyone in the class. One-to-one training is available if you prefer.

Reiki I (Shoden)

Here you will learn about Reiki, and how to practice Reiki on yourself and others:

  • What Reiki is, how it works, its’ history
  • The Reiki hand positions in Japanese and Western-style Reiki
  • How to do Reiki on yourself (Reiki self-treatment)
  • How to treat someone else using Reiki
  • Scanning the body
  • The Reiki precepts and Mindfulness
  • Three Japanese Reiki Empowerments and one Western-style attunement, connecting you to the Reiki universal energy
  • Energy exercises to raise your awareness of the Reiki energy
  • The class includes a 170-page manual and two CDs, which will be sent in advance

Reiki II (Okuden)

This is Practitioner-level training. The class will take you to a deeper level with Reiki, and gives you more tools to work on yourself and others:

  • Three more Japanese Reiki Empowerments and another Western-style attunement, strengthening your connection to the Reiki universal energy
  • You will be given the first three Reiki symbols, and shown how to use them.
  • How to carry out Distant Healing
  • How to use intention to direct the energy
  • Using intuition in your healing work
  • Meditating on the Reiki energies
  • The class includes a 110-page manual and an audio CD, which will be sent in advance

Reiki Master (Shinpiden)

This class provides the training you need to teach the Reiki classes and carry out the Reiki Empowerments.

  • The Japanese Reiki Master empowerment and the Western-style Master attunement
  • How to carry out Japanese Reiju empowerments and Western-style attunements
  • You will be given further Reiki symbols which are used at Master level, and shown how to use them
  • The Reiki Kotodama – sacred Shinto mantras which were used by Mikao Usui before the Reiki symbols were introduced
  • Further development of Intuition in healing
  • How to carry out self-empowerments
  • Non-Reiki techniques that are often used with Reiki (including healing attunements, ‘psychic surgery’ and crystal healing grids
  • The class includes a 200-page manual and an audio CD

For more information, or to book a class, please contact me:

Mobile: 07808 614667

Email Address: iainlayden@gmail.com